ABC Group CSR Basic Policy <Action Guidelines>

We determined action guidelines (materialities) to prioritize and practice throughout our business operations as media-related corporate social responsibility (CSR), focusing on information we distribute as a group (broadcast programs, events, and a variety of other content) that impacts our stakeholders most closely.

Through the ABC Group’s ever-evolving variety of content, we strive to create a happier and more enriched tomorrow.

For tomorrow’s adults
―What we can do for children today toward a better society tomorrow


<Action guidelines>

◆For tomorrow’s adults
By fulfilling our responsibilities as a media outlet, we hand over a better society to the children.


◆For tomorrow’s lifestyles
By respecting the global environment and human activity, we relay information on protecting lives and lifestyles.


◆For tomorrow’s culture
By upholding the time-honored culture of the Kansai region, we help to further develop and enrich the local culture.