Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings established the Sustainability Promotion Committee in August 2021 to address the need for a groupwide strategy toward sustainability over the medium to long term. The committee will respond to various issues related to sustainability, including consideration for global environmental issues such as climate change, respect for human rights, consideration for the health and working environment of employees, fair and appropriate treatment of employees, fair and appropriate transactions with suppliers, and crisis management in response to natural and environmental disasters, pursuing the sustainable growth of society and Asahi Broadcasting Group business activities, as well as corporate value improvement over the medium to long term. At the same time, the committee will provide appropriate and effective information disclosure related to Asahi Broadcasting Group sustainability initiatives.


The company’s executive officer in charge of sustainability promotion serves as the committee chair. Committee members consist of each executive officers and each general managers in charge of general affairs, personal affairs, communication strategy, and group strategy, and representatives from major group operating companies.


The company establishes the Environmental Subcommittee and Social Subcommittee, which engages in the planning and implementation specific policies under the Sustainability Promotion Committee, as well as a Group Subcommittee operated within each group company.

The 2nd Sustainability Promotion Committee
on September 14, 2021

【Asahi Broadcasting Group Sustainability Promotion Framework】

< As of June 1, 2023>