A socially committed comprehensive content business group


“The ABC Group continues to evolve as a dynamic and creative corporate organization, adapting to social change and contributing to the development of society.”


This is the business philosophy of the ABC Group.


After we started broadcasting as a radio station in 1951, we added television in 1956, the initial stages of Japanese television broadcasting. Since then, the environment encompassing radio and television, the longtime backbone of our group, has significantly changed in recent times. Technological advances are not just limited to mass media, but have made a major impact on the way humans live and on society as a whole, too.


On April 1, 2018, we became a certified broadcasting holding company. Making the most of the synergy and teamwork between our group companies, our prime objective is the creation of content of even greater value.


At the same time, we implemented SUNRISE, a medium-term management plan. Although the group’s main source of profit is advertising from our television broadcasting, we aim to establish a profit structure that doesn’t solely rely on broadcasting income and to venture into new fields of business. In its first year, the plan has developed gradually much like a flower blossoming from a sprouting bud.


With television and radio broadcasting as our core, we have shaped history and culture that adequately meet public expectations. We will use this knowledge to formulate new challenges for the future while ascertaining the role of the broadcasting. As we approach our 70th anniversary, we will forge new traditions.


While structuring ourselves to immediately adapt to changes in these trying times of social disorder, we will consolidate the efforts of each and every group member as they demonstrate their special abilities. We promise to accelerate our growth into a “socially committed comprehensive content business group.”


I humbly appreciate and look forward to your continued support.


Susumu Okinaka

Representative Director and President

Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation

September 2019