Thank you for your continued support of the ABC Group.


The world continues to experience a high level of uncertainty regarding the future, with a prolonged military invasion and a rising cost of living, among others. Even under such conditions, however, the source of our corporate value continues to be our human resources, who create unique content, and our brand, which is built on the unbroken trust of society through the years. I think it is important to leverage these foundations of our business to continue being a group of creators who go far beyond the boundaries of broadcasting, and as a comprehensive content business group, to keep providing consumers with attractive content in a wide variety of ways.


The fiscal year ending March 31, 2024 is the third year of our medium-term management strategy, NEW HOPE, which was formulated in 2021. Now we have announced our renewed strategy, NEW HOPE 2nd STAGE, expressing our determination to evolve even further in light of the diverse initiatives we have taken to date and the changes in our business environment.


Under NEW HOPE 2nd STAGE, we will focus on human capital, which is an important asset for the Company, and work to maximize the Power of the Individual and the Power of the Group. We have also emphasized the role of the Company as the Human Resources Crossroads with a great volume of talent flowing in and out, and we will therefore accelerate exchanges within and outside the Company. Taking up the challenge of DX, we will try our hand at new businesses, while we also remain committed to efforts supporting regional revitalization and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

I ask you to continue your steadfast support for the Company going forward.



Susumu Okinaka

Representative Director and President

Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation