Striving to be a Corporation with Comprehensive Contents in Line with the Times


Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Susumu Okinaka, Representative Director and President of the Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation, a position I assumed in April 2018.
I am proud to announce that we officially became a certified broadcasting holding company on April 1, 2018.


Although it has helped us grow over the past 67 years, the current terrestrial TV and radio broadcast business environment is extremely harsh, and the future outlook is uncertain. One reason why we became a certified broadcasting holding company was to formulate an earnings structure that no longer relied solely on broadcasting revenue. Another reason was to further expand into new fields of business.


The specifics are outlined in “SUNRISE”, our medium-term management plan for 2018-2020 which we implemented at the same time as becoming a certified broadcasting holding company. This plan expresses our determination to boldly expand into new fields of business, expansion that includes the assertive pursuit of opportunities overseas, too.


This marks the rising of a new sun. As our corporate name since our foundation - Asahi - means “morning” or the “rising sun,” we hope to forge new traditions that have the vigor and aspirations of a new day.


With broadcasting as our backbone, each and every group member aims to make the best use of our strengths to create a unique corporation that is always eager to assume new challenges.


I humbly appreciate and look forward to your continued support.


Susumu Okinaka

Representative Director and President

Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation

April 2018