The Global Environment and Human Activity


These two concepts are closely intertwined with each other, as we all live on the same planet. This is why we respect the lives of both humans and other living creatures on Earth.


But, what kinds of lifestyles and ways of thinking are needed today to make that a reality? We come together with many different people to consider important questions, then disseminate information and take individual action.


In particular, we give top priority to responding to frequent and multifold natural disasters, and promise to advance efforts to relay information protecting lives and lifestyles.

  1. We will comply with laws and regulations on environmental conservation, promote the effective use of sustainable energy, control our energy consumption, recycle and reduce our waste generation, and lighten the environmental load caused by our Group's business activities.
  2. In order to pass on this irreplaceable global environment to our children who will lead the coming generation, we will pose questions and raise awareness about global environmental issues through Group-produced programs and Group-held events.
  3. In response to the natural disasters that are occurring with greater frequency as a result of changes in the global environment, we will convey information in a timely, appropriate, and reliable manner and in a way that is useful for disaster prevention and mitigation through broadcasting and other media.
  4. We will raise awareness of environmental issues among Group employees and work together with local communities in activities contributing to conservation of the global environment.