By fulfilling our responsibilities as a media outlet, we hand over a better society to the children.

Through ABC Group’s various content such as broadcast programming and events, we aim to help create a society where children can have hope for the future.


We convey events and knowledge related to a host of social issues in an accessible manner through news, documentaries and a variety of other programming. We engage particularly in activities adapted to changes in the children’s environment, such as declining birth rate and aging population, and the advancement and growing complexity of information society.


Our “ABCiee Classroom” - a school outreach project in which our employees visit schools - allows children to experience many aspects of the broadcasting workplace, including news coverage, program production, technology, and announcing. Furthermore, we work to enrich such projects as “Career Education” and “Media Literacy Education” in collaboration with educational institutions.


We also create field trip opportunities that allow visitors to see in-house studios and broadcasting equipment, and to get a glimpse of program production, as we encourage understanding of the broadcasting business. We are expanding the scope of “ABCiee Classroom” beyond elementary and middle schools, with the aim of utilizing this model in programs for other age groups such as lifelong learning and adult education, and creating further opportunities to interact with viewers, listeners, and users.

ABC’s studio tour for elementary and middle school students during summer vacation

ABC's school outreach project, “ABCiee Classroom”