The ABC Group continues to evolve as a dynamic and creative corporate organization, adapting to social change and contributing to the development of society. Based on this corporate philosophy, the Company has identified materiality, or issues that the ABC Group should prioritize. We identified eight material issues and established specific initiatives for each material issue.


We operate in a rapidly changing business environment. At the same time, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. We intend to strengthen the Group's sustainability strategy through efforts to address the materiality we identified. As we strive to grow together with society, we will pass on a better future to the next generation.

Asahi Broadcasting Group Materiality




Develop human capital who will create our future

Revitalize our organization through diversity and inclusion (D&I).

Foster a corporate culture of resilience and willingness to take on challenges.


Improve work environments and systems for human and organizational growth.

Human Capital

Create a more abundant tomorrow through the power of content

Provide content and experiences that inspire the world.

Contribute to inclusive, hopeful societies.

Support the healthy development of children.

Society & Business

Restore the health of the Earth for the next generation

Communicate information that protects the global environment and biodiversity.

Strengthen reporting related to disaster prevention and mitigation to protect lives and livelihoods.

Engage in environmentally friendly business activities, including achieving carbon neutrality.

Environment & Business

Remain a trusted media group

Hold firm to fairness and impartiality as a media company.

Communicate information in response to changes in technology and lifestyles.

Foster a healthy information society and eliminate information disparity.


Aspire to create societies that respect human rights and facilitate happy living for all

Improve the understanding of human rights and prevent human rights violations.

Consider the health and safety of people involved in our supply chain.

Protect privacy through rigorous information management.

Human Rights

Strengthen governance and achieve sustainable growth

Continue to advance corporate governance.

Strengthen compliance and information security.

Foster more effective stakeholder dialogue and information disclosure.


Use technology to enlighten the future  

Create business opportunities through the use of digital technology.

Incorporate DX in business activities.

Improve digital literacy.


Contribute to the creation of brilliant communities      

Communicate information highlighting local attractions and issues.

Contribute to local cultures and economic revitalization.

Regional Revitalization

Materiality Identification Process

We identified materiality through a four-step process. First, we formed a cross-group project team to conduct four analyses, referencing information disclosure guidelines such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Based on these analyses, the project team identified sustainability issues across environmental, social, and economic spheres. After consolidating the 174 issues identified into 41, the team assigned varying levels of importance based on the double materiality concept. Our Board of Executive Officers and directors in charge prioritized and finalized the issues, after which the Board of Directors gave final approval. We identified materiality in December 2023.


In the future, we intend to set specific action goals, KPIs, etc., for the materiality identified, and pursue efforts to solve issues in coordination with each Group business strategy. We will also review and disclose this materiality from time to time in response to changes in the social environment.