Executive Managing Directors / Executive Officers

Representative Director and President

Susumu Okinaka

Overall Management, Internal Auditing, and Business Development

Representative Director and Vice President

Shinya Yamamoto

Chief Broadcasting Officer

Director, Managing Executive Officer

Kuniyoshi Chihara

Lifestyle Business

Director, Executive Officer

Kazuhiko Ogura

Compliance, PR, and Accounting

Internal Auditing and Business Development support

Managing Executive Officer

Takao Yasuda

Management Strategy and Coordination with group companies

Managing Executive Officer

Akihisa Mimura

Event Business, Sports Business

Executive Officer

Toshiaki Imamura

Content Business

Executive Officer

Koichi Yamagata

General Affairs, Personnel Affairs, and Human Resources Development and Training

Executive Officer

Atsushi Shimizu

DX and IT Promotion, and Media Strategy

Executive Officer

Masayuki Nishide

Content Business support

Non-Executive Managing Director


Takashi Inoue

Outside Directors



Keiji Kameyama

President & COO of TV Asahi Corporation



Shiro Nakamura

President and CEO of The Asahi Shimbun Company

Standing Audit and Supervisory Committee Members


Natsuto Tanaka


Hironobu Nakamura

Outside Audit and Supervisory Committee Members



Michio Yoneda



Akihiro Kuroda

Chairman of KOKUYO Co., Ltd.



Misako Fujioka

President & CEO of Teikoku Seiyaku Co., Ltd.

Representative Director, Chairman of FUSO CHEMICAL CO., LTD.