Note:The following document is an English translation of the Japanese-language original.

Basic Policy

Guided by the policy below, ABC, in light of its highly public nature, pursues social contribution activities for its social responsibilities as a regionally embedded broadcasting company.


(1) We provide broadcast programming and businesses that contribute to the preservation and advancement of the lives of citizens.

(2) We contribute to the revitalization of the region through locally embedded activities.

(3) We are concerned for the global environment and nature, and actively pursue awareness-raising activities in these areas.

(4) We tirelessly support children, who are our future.

(5) We encourage greater understanding of the broadcasting business to be a company fully open and transparent to society.

The Asahi Broadcasting Group as a whole, but primarily the Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation’s CSR (OPEN↑) Promotion Department, General Affairs Division, pursues the following group-wide social contribution activities.