Asahi Broadcasting Group Sustainability Policy

In line with our Business Philosophy, the Asahi Broadcasting Group will fulfill our mission and responsibilities as a media group, striving to achieve a sustainable society and improve corporate value on a sustained basis.


•Accelerate initiatives related to achieving the SDGs and other social issues.
•Promote cross-organizational ESG management throughout the Group.
•Pursue cooperation and synergies among all group companies through sustainability activities.


The ABC Group continues to evolve as a dynamic and creative corporate organization, adapting to social change and contributing to the development of society.

The ABC Group Business Philosophy expresses our commitment to achieving sustainable societies, while also serving as the basis of each component of our Group Vision.

ABC Group sustainability management follows the implementation framework and related policies below.

ABC Group CSR Basic Policy <Action Guidelines>

The ABC Group CSR Basic Policy Action Guidelines are based on the attitude that the media-focused ABC Group businesses are in and of themselves our CSR. Based on this idea, we reconfirmed examples of CSR within the regular business activities pursued by group companies, formulating the CSR Basic Policy Action Guidelines in 2018 to expand these concepts further. We believe the practical activities accomplished through our regular businesses help solve social issues, leading to the sustainable growth of the ABC Group and society.


In particular, we determined action guidelines (materialities) to prioritize and practice throughout our business operations, focusing on information we distribute as a group (broadcast programs, events, and a variety of other content) that impacts our stakeholders most closely.


(From an ESG perspective, this content includes certain businesses and social contribution activities, etc., related to E (environment) and S (social). For information on how the ABC Group fosters work environments to maximize the performance of human capital and pursue diversity, as well as to learn more about compliance and basic governance, see the About Us and Investor Relations webpages on our corporate website.)

In the future, we will determine more materialities to pursue sustainability in all aspects of the ABC Group business, including the action guidelines referenced here. We will disclose related details as promptly as possible.



10-year Vision