Colorful@ABC Statement

Based on the Policy for Making Our Company and Society More Colorful, we are pursuing group-wide responses to medium- and long-term sustainability. 


By encouraging work-style and employee diversity we create workplaces in which employees work together with consideration for one another. The Colorful@ABC Statement expresses our hope that each employee engages actively in their own way, making space for a variety of colors.


〇 Creating comfortable work environments・・・Colorful Work-Styles
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work in significant ways. In the post-COVID-19 period, the ABC Group will strive to create comfortable work environments, including telework and shortened work-hour systems. We want every employee to achieve a positive work-life balance, including employees who wish to work while raising children or caring for family members.
We will also pursue initiatives to increase diversity in employee work styles, including the development of leave programs and other systems. We are committed to creating mechanisms that support employee success as individuals to encourage employee retention.


〇 Pursuing diversity・・・Colorful Employees
While the environment surrounding the group is changing drastically, a diverse workforce is essential for maximizing group strengths. To this end, the ABC Group pursues efforts in the further utilization of workforce diversity, including the promotion of women's empowerment. We develop systems that allow both men and women to take care of their children, striving to create workplace environments amenable to maternity leave.


(Released on June 23, 2022)