Who is a real celebrity?

The show has run successfully for more than 10 years in Japan!
The concept of this show is that the celebrity MUST HAVE knowledge of a first class lifestyle. Can you recognize the difference between a €10,000 wine and a cheap wine?
Contestants will be asked 6 questions on any of our 50 or more types of stock.
Only the people who recognize quality can show off their talent as a real celebrity!!!

Genre: Reality Quiz show

Attack 25

One of the most famous quiz shows in Japan.
As a nation wide program, aired 1800 times and continuously airing .
Are you smart enough to answer tough questions? Or strategically wise to win? Then we challenge you!

Medical Check-up Horror Show

Welcome to Black Hospital!
You probably have heard of symptoms that can lead to a serious illness!
Every episode, a specific disease will be tackled. A video clip will be played showing a symptom a patient experiences that will frightended viewers.

Generally, the Health TV program doesn't entertain viewers because they are mainly educational content. However , this TV show is fun and unprecedented because viewers can join the show with medical check!

Love Attack

Who will survive in this game of LOVE?
A game show for young guys looking for true love.

The male contestants will undergo variety of hilarious challenges to profess their love for the female "princess".

Genre: Dating Game show

Beauty Trial

A live trial show in which the audience can participate!
They can vote whether each of the men is "Guilty" or "Innocent" via mobile or internet while watching the show live.The defendant will then be sentenced based on the votes!

Genre: Live reality show

Japanese site: http://asahi.co.jp/bijo/

Price Match

This is a whole new gourmet show that 3 Gourmet Pricing Judges determine, from multiple gourmet points of view, if the dishes are fairly priced at the restaurants everywhere. In the end, the owners will be given a glory of having a fair price, or otherwise... a merciless, humiliating blow to their business!

Genre: Reality show

Extreme Cooking Survivor

Invent crazy recipes!
What if you were given only 2 ingredients and had to cook 3 different meals per day for 1 week?
This is no longer a food show but an extreme survival show like no other!

Genre: Reality show

Before and After

Dreaming of the perfect house for your family?
This is a house renovation show which will dramatically change the life of the chosen family.

Genre: Reality show

Japanese site: http://asahi.co.jp/beforeafter/

Wizard Chef -Ultimate Cooking Makeover-

This is not only a food show! It’s the battle of the Wizard Chefs’Magic. With just simple rules, the Wizards are challenged to makeover ordinary food into unbelievable fantastic dishes. When you finish watching the show, you will be blown off your feet and be fascinated of what Wizards can recreate. Only the Magic of the Wizards make impossible to possible.

Genre: Reality show

Far Away Neighbours

Adventurous Places, Unbelievable Stories!
Is this a simple travel show? – NO!
A documentary? – NO!
The format offers a mix of unimaginable adventure and human stories!
A traveler goes in search for their fellow countrymen in faraway places.

Genre: Factual entertainment