Detective Knight Scoop

"Detective Knight Scoop" is one of the most famous entertainment shows broadcasted from the Kansai region throughout Japan. It has been successfully broadcasting for more than 23 years since 1988. It continues to achieve a viewer rating of over 20% on average, which is exceptionally high for a late-night broadcast.

The contents of this "legendary" show start in the studio set of a detective bureau. In each episode, three requests from the viewers are revealed and three comedians who appear as detectives are appointed for each request. In each case, the appointed detective tries to solve challenges with the viewer who made the request. 
Because of the wide-ranging requests from the viewers, most of them are very funny whilst others are poignant and the solving processes of all of these detectives shown as videos comprise the main parts of this show.

Episode: 54min X 13episodes
Video Type: HD with separate M&SE tracks

Japanese site:

Re-Discover Japan

From Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, in each episode, one of three distinctive reporters visits a specific area in Japan. They introduce special products and local specialty dishes from each district. In addition, they sometimes cook various dishes with local people utilizing local produce. This travel show provides special information from Japan's farming villages which most Japanese people may not even know.
From 2003 to 2010, this show has been aired 320 times and visited more than 1000 places. Japan's attractions are not just to be found in Tokyo or Kyoto. This show takes viewers to fascinating places in Japan where there is so much more to learn about.

Episodes: 24min. X 60episodes
Video type: HD

Medical Check-up Show

"Hiccoughs" "Headache" "Heartburn" ... 
People usually don't care about such subtle physical disorders, but they may actually be symptoms of serious diseases. The director of this hospital, Mr. Takeshi Kitano, presents many examples of such cases with skit videos. A medical specialist in each disease explains its content in detail via easy-to-understand CG, and comments on the prevention method. Accordingly, viewers can familiarize themselves with surprising details about diseases and study appropriate means of prevention. 
Generally, the Health TV program is kind of boring, because of the mainly educational content. 
However, with fun and unprecedented style, this show has established a brand-new category of TV program, namely "medical entertainment".

Episodes: 54min X 86episodes
Video Type: HD with separate M&SE tracks

Japanese site:

The Before and After

This is a house renovation show which will dramatically change the life of the chosen family. 
Based on requests from TV viewers, the renovation-experts (called "Takumi" in Japanese) change their terrible houses to comfortable ones dramatically and drastically. The renovation of the house always makes the family closer. "Takumi" changes not only the house, but also the family bonds! At the end of the show, the families and viewers are often moved by dramatically reformed comfortable house and Takumi who does the reform for them.
This show is definitely a show that will change your television habits.
"THE BEFORE and AFTER" brings an exciting change to houses and life!!

Episodes: 54min X 78
Video Type: HD with separate M&SE tracks

Japanese site:

But Restaurant ~Discovering a delicious gap in that city!~

"Far from the station, but delicious!"
"Crumpled Restaurant, but delicious!"
"Looks tasteless, but delicious!"
Although the restaurant has a negative image at first, one bite of their food changes everything
This program <But Restaurant> not only provides information about deliciousness of the restaurant, but provides unique features of that eccentric restaurant, which makes it different from others. 
Being liked by various people, actress Sawa Suzuki and female comedian Kanako Yanagihara take on the role of MC of this show.
Both Sawa and Kanako, having unique characteristics, interact with the local people and hang out around the town. Every show introduce 2~3<But Restaurant>.

Episodes: 30min X 26 episodes
Video Type: HD with separate M&SE tracks

Travel Salad -Discovering fresh sites of Japan-

Deliver you the freshly discovered trip information of Japan!
You are sure to find a place you want to visit in Japan!
"Travel Salad" is one of the most famous travel TV programs in Japan and will begin selling overseas. Since "Travel Salad"was broadcast in 1993, every Saturday morning at 9:30 am, it is a travel channel that has been broadcasting freshly discovered trip information throughout the nation, and is still ongoing.
This time, we selected the most recommended traveling spots inside Japan, and made a 30 minute "Travel Salad" show for all the viewers all over the world.
From the standard tourist spots to the hot spot that even the repeaters do not know, we will provide you with the best choices of travel information of all around Japan.

Episodes: 30min X 52 episodes
Video Type: HD with separate M&SE tracks

Welcome, Newlyweds!

This is the reality talk show, started in 1971 and has run for over 40 years, making it one of the longest running shows In Japan.
Scheduled on Sundays as light comedy daytime programming, 2 newlywed couples talk about funny and sometimes embarrassing stories from their romances how they met and come to their marriage, and their newly-married lives. 
More than 3000 couples appeared in the show.

Episodes: 30min X 13 episodes
Video Type: HD

Far Away Neighbours

Adventurous Places, Unbelievable Stories!
Is this a simple travel show? - NO!
A documentary? - NO!
The format offers a mix of unimaginable adventure and human stories!
A traveler goes in search for their fellow Japanese countrymen in faraway places.

Episodes: 60min X 20 episodes
Video Type: HD with separate M&SE tracks