Serious danger are all over the place around you and unbelievable truth are bihind the darkness. Ryoko Narumi is a lady reporter of gossip magazine, whose lives and works are eccentrics, humorous and dramatic. Ryoko stands up and starts solving the crazy and bizarre cases, each by each. She never fails to the surprise and the startle, even to the interfering by other major magazines.

Cast: Yukie Nakama, Jun Kaname
Episode: 70min. X 1 episode (episode1), 54min. X 8 episode (episode 2-8)

Japanese site: http://untouchable.asahi.co.jp/

Production year: 2009

The Call Center

Even in a serious economic recession, the sales of TV shopping are increasing. Wataru Tokura, capable product planner of a TV shopping company, is suddenly transferred to the call-ceter division and starts to deal with many complaints from customers. His colleague, Kyoko Aoyama is a strange girl, but she is called "the Queen of the Complaint-Handlers". No matter how difficult the problem is, she can settle it down smoothly. Every day, unbelievable compaints come from customers. How should they solve the problems? And what is the secret of Kyoko? This is a heartwarming comedy drama.

Cast: Kotaro Koizumi, MIMURA, Yuko Natori
Episode: 54min. X 10 episodes

Jpanese site:  http://callcenter.asahi.co.jp/

Production year: 2009


In Tokyo, there are a lot of nightclubs where the "hosts" entertain female guests. Kohei Nanase used to be a legendary host, called "the King of Roppongi". Now, he works as a company employee and lives a happy life with his wife and daughter.But one day, he is dismissed because of corporate restructuring. To keep his family life, he finally decideto come back to the world of hosts only for one year, keeping it secert from his wife.

Cast: Kuranosuke Sasaki, Miki Maya, Shohei Miura
Episode: 54min. X 8 episodes

Japanese: http://giragira.asahi.co.jp/

Production year: 2008

Loto 6

This is an entertainment drama based on a true story. A man who won a large sum of money in "LOTO6" had written his experience on the blog, and it was made into a novel after that. This novel has become very popular in Japan, and we have dramataized it by featuring Takashi Sorimachi as a leading actor. If you win 320,000,000 yen in the lottery, what will you do? If there is money, can people become happy? While the hero is passing through many twists and turns, he gradually finds an answer to that eternal question.

Cast: Takashi Sorimachi, Kosuke Toyohara
Episode: 70min. X 1episode(episode1), 54min. X 9episode (episode 2-10)

Japanese site: http://3oku.asahi.co.jp/

Production year: 2008


The drama features an extraordinary "outlaw" detective unit of the Yokohama Police Dept. Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan by population. It lies on Tokyo Bay and is a major commercial hub in the Greater Tokyo Area. Behind the scenes, it is also a convenient center for drug dealing and other illegal activities.
This unit is ranked No.1 in Japan in terms of the ratio of arrests, though they have never been honored by colleagues.
The detectives' role is to solve the cases and fight for justice, just like the others, but in unconventional ways. Unlike standard police procedures, the detectives don't hesitate to use deadly force and very often go to extraordinary length to save evidence or a potential victim.

Cast: Katsunori Takahashi, Kotaro Koizumi
Episode: 54min. X 8episodes

Jpanese site: http://akutou.asahi.co.jp/

Production year: 2011

Prosecutor Onijima

The 44 year-old Heiichiro Onijima started working at the country prosecutors' office as a rookie. His popular sentiment, through the rich experience of his career, sometimes brought him into conflict with his elite colleagues. Moreover, listening to public opinion sometimes saw gaps exposed in terms of the administration of justice and led to friction inside the prosecutors' office.
In terms of his private life, he is single but looks after the 2 kids of his deceased sister. The reason he decided to become a prosecutor was the suicide of his deceased sister and her husband. He tried to find out the truth behind their incomprehensible suicide but the local police and prosecutor failed to respond. While solving his cases in pursuit of the truth, he comes up against bribery cases involving politicians. Finally, he will target and fight against a big-shot politician with the support of the masses.

Cast: Masatoshi Hamada, Yuki Uchida, Takeshi Kitano
Episode: 54min. X 7episodes

Jpanese site: http://onijima.asahi.co.jp/

Production year: 2010

The Metropolitan Police Missing person Investigation Section

According to Japanese police Department, 84,739 of Japanese missing persons are reported in 2008. Including unreported missing, the number rise approximately to more than hundred thousand. That is, more than 200 persons are disappearing every single day. As if a pitfall lurks in peaceful daily life, your family, lover and friend who is really close to you vanishes without notice. Missing person investigator of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Dept. are actively tracing and seeking information leading to the whereabouts of the missing persons.
Why did they disappear? Did they involve in a great deal of trouble? The missing persons inevitably have reasons to disappear. This drama features of the background of missing case files through the relation between relevant people.

Cast: Ikki Sawamura, Kenichi Endou, Fumyo Kohinata
Episode: 54min X 9episodes

Jpanese site: http://shissou.asahi.co.jp/

Production year: 2010


This drama's hero, "J", lives in Neo Osaka City in 20XX. He is a bounty hunter commissioned by the government. The special website "WANTED. NET" provides hunters with information on the reward ranking. J's target is "Teller", who has been ranked No.1 on the reward list. One day, J encounter a girl, Rena, who has a power to foresee the future. She also looks for "Teller" for another reason. She saw a foresight that J will meet "Teller" in a few days and proposes to J that they work as prtners...

Cast: Ryuichi Oura, Mayu Gamou
Episode: 30min. X 10episodes

Japanese site: http://asahi.co.jp/h-code/h-code1/

Production year: 2007

The Truth

The drama is based on a story that has been newly written especially for this production by Kanae Minato whose debut novel "Kokuhaku (confession)" became a smash hit and sold more than 3 million copies 3 years ago and now she is one of the most popular mystery writers in Japan.
Every person should have a different background. But the two heroines of this story share the same background. Fate, bond and connections..., following the truth behind the kidnapping case, this mystery drama depicts the life of these two very contrastive heroines. 

Yasuko Matsuyuki stars in the drama. She is well known for her popular drama "Mother" which won numerous awards.
The director is Setsurou Wakamatsu who received the best director award at the Japan Academy Awards for "Shizumanu Taiyo ("The Unbroken").

Yoko, whose debut picture book became a bestseller, and her best friend Harumi, a journalist are both abandoned children that spent their childhood in the same orphanage. One day, Yoko's son is kidnapped and she receives a blackmail letter stating, "If you don't bring the truth to light, your son is dead meat." The truth Yoko and Harumi have reached is...

Japanese site: http://asahi.co.jp/kyogu/

Production year: 2011