Note: The following document is an English translation of the Japanese-language original.  

Basic Policy

The Asahi Broadcasting Group believes that fostering a corporate culture where everyone can reach their fullest potential will lead naturally to an environment where women can play an even more important role. With this in mind, in order to contribute to the enhancement of both local society and culture through the provision of various content and services, we are creating a working environment where each person is respected and acknowledged irrespective of sex, age, nationality, religious preference, life stage, disability or sexual orientation, striving for a company where the diverse capabilities of every member of the ABC family can shine through as a Japanese proverb “Junin Toiro”(So many men, so many minds) indicates.


At the Asahi Broadcasting Group, we have dubbed efforts to promote diversity, including promoting greater career opportunities for women, as “Making Our Company and Society More ‘Colorful’,” and have continued to take the initiatives described below.


  1. We view “promoting career opportunities for women” as our most significant diversity promotion indicator, and will proactively examine and enact ways to support women in their career advancement efforts.
  2. Through career planning seminars and other avenues, we will promote the creation of a working environment that also provides veteran employees with greater motivation in their work.
  3. We will provide a robust support system for employees with nursing care responsibilities, supporting their desire to continue working with peace of mind.
  4. In employing individuals with disabilities, we will broaden the scope of the types of occupations possible, providing our employees with even greater pride in what they do.