Transitioning into the “Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation”


“Be Creative”


Ever since our first broadcast 66 years ago as a commercial radio station on November 11, 1951, the Asahi Broadcasting Corporation has consistently forged ahead with creativity as our source.


Regardless of transformations within the media industry, we have made accurate decisions considering each situation at hand. We continue to boldly face any challenge without missing opportunities… all in the name of creativity.


This is the directive outlined in the Asahi Broadcasting Corporation 2015-2017 Medium Term Management Plan. Upon entering the plan’s final fiscal year, we are preparing foundations to advance onto the next stage.


The Asahi Broadcasting Corporation has decided to undertake a major policy change that aims for a transition into a certified broadcasting holding company in April 2018.


Thus, the further execution of our motto “be creative” will demand an even more evolved form of our group in the future. We now embark on a voyage with the purpose of being a compellingly creative industry-leading group with a wide variety of high-quality programming.


Using the creativity fostered since our inception as impetus, the 1200 employees of the Asahi Broadcasting Group will collectively aim to attain even higher levels as a media group brazenly foraying into the future.


We humbly appreciate and look forward to your continued support of the Asahi Broadcasting Group.



Satoshi Wakisaka
President and Chief Executive Officer
Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
July 2017