In its core business area of broadcasting, the Asahi Broadcasting Group is committed to fulfilling its roles and responsibilities as a key media company. With a peaceful and free mind, we strike out best to work for the good of the development of the local community and culture. In response to the trust of society, we work our best to report accurate information. Last but not least, we work our very best to bring a delightful and peaceful atmosphere while increasing the audience’s ability to think and judge through our programs.


The business environment in which we operate in has been undergoing an enormous transformation in recent years. In the area of broadcasting, we are facing an unprecedented amount of change, such as a transformation in the television viewing environment (including terrestrial and satellite broadcasting), the evolution of smartphones and tablet devices as viewing platforms, and the development of technological innovations such as 4K and 8K.


We have set our 65th anniversary year of 2016 as a milestone as we look further forward at becoming a ‘100-year-company’, recognizing that we must aim to reach new levels of growth as a Group. The ‘Medium-term Business Plan, 2015-2017’ has been set out for the three-year period centered on our 65th anniversary year. In the coming three years, we will proactively invest in the development of new content and new business, laying the operational foundation for substantial growth in the years to follow.


The ‘Asahi Broadcasting Group Growth Vision’ lays out the major course of directions to guide the Group as a whole. This plan sets fiscal 2021, the final year of the “10-Year Vision” set out in 2012 and the 70th anniversary of the Company’s founding, as the year we will share the vision of growing to be a corporate group with consolidated net sales of ¥100 billion and an operating profit margin of 8% in preparation for us becoming a 100-year company.


With the slogan of “Now is the time for the Asahi Broadcasting Group to step forward,” the Group is committed to striving forward as one in order to meet your expectations. We appreciate your continued support and encouragement in this effort.


Satoshi Wakisaka
President and Chief Executive Officer
September 2015