Content Sales

Our strategy is to promote our programming to the rest of the world.
Centering in Southeast Asia, overseas sales of The Before and After, Takeshi’s Medical Check-Up Show and other hit programs continues to flourish. We have been successful in format marketing, the selling of program concepts.
Examples are Welcome, Newlyweds in Vietnam and Takeshi’s Medical Check-Up Show in China. We plan to further promote our superior programming at international trade shows and other overseas events.
We are increasing new business opportunities for cell phones and webcasting in response to the fast-growing number of smartphone users. Applications for popular programs now bring in more than 100 million yen of income annually and have become a large source of profit.
And the success of live broadcasting of the Japanese National High school Baseball Championship Tournament for home computer, smartphone and tablet users proves that our high quality programming is perfectly suitable as content for these new devises.
Sales of licensed goods from the Pretty Cure cartoon, books related to cooking shows and a quarterly magazine from Takeshi’s Medical Check-Up Show are all favorable. And popularity of the Pretty Cure Pretty Store, a retail shop in Osaka’s main commercial district in which ABC has invested, is exceeding all expectations.

Pretty Cure Pretty Store
Pretty Cure Pretty Store